Pesquisa em biofísica

A biofísica é um ramo da física em que fenêmenos biológicos ou modelos de fenômenos biológicos são estudados por meio de uma descrição matemática.

A biofísica é uma área multidisciplinar responsável por grande parte dos avanços da medicina e contribui para a comprensão de fenômenos biológicos antes considerados muito complexos para serem estudados.

Participei dos seguintes projetos:

University of São Paulo, Brazil Department of General Physics, Biophysics group Jan 2013– Jan 2016

• Project: Structural characterization of cationic amphiphilic aggregates: a study with the fluorescent probe Laurdan.

• Brief synopsis: DODAB is a synthetic lipid with a quaternary ammonium at the headgroup. Due to the positive charge of this group, nucleotides, oligonucleotides and DNA associate to the bilayer. Our aim at this project is to investigate at which extent the fluorescent probe Laurdan can be used to determinate the structure of DODAB vesicles either pure or associated with DNA fragments using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), static and time resolved fluorescence, anisiotropy and ζ-potential.

• Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Maria Teresa M. Lamy, Dr. Evandro L. Duarte


Durham University, UK Physics Institute, Centre for Materials Physics Jul 2014 – Jan 2015

• Project: Mechanical and functional aspects of the cellular interface studied by model systems

• Brief synopsis: In this project, we have studied the response of supported DOPC membranes to strain, modelling a cell membrane-cortex dynamical interaction. We have used a microfluidic device to apply strain to bilayer patches. The membrane morphology was analyzed using epifluorescence microscopy and homemade software.

• Supervisor: Dr. Margarita Staykova


Weizmann Institute, Israel Department of Structural Biology, Ribosome Structure and Function group Jul 2011

• Project: Structural Studies of Ribosomes from Pathogenic Sources

• Brief synopsis: Isolation and crystallization of S. aureus ribosomes for crystallographic characterization

• Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ada Yonath, Zohar Eyal (Baram)