Leadership #5 – How facebook manages multicultural teams

This week we had a lecture from an engineer that works at Facebook, Ming Dung Mi.

He came from Vietnan and explained how it was to leave a country after the war to come to Japan to study.

In his words, it was like advancing 100 years into the future. In japan, he graduated and entered a japanese media company, later leaving for facebook.

He talked about some of the training facebook provides to the new employees and which tools the company uses to manage multicultural teams. Mi said it is important to know your strengths and to share your strength to others so they know how you can help. Also, strengths are not static and you should periodically review them.

One of the most interesting topic was the software tools used by technology companies to manage their team work. In the software, it is possible to see previous projects of your team members, code they wrote and other relevant information. Knowing this information in advance, the team can prepare to deal with the strengths and limitations of each member.

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